Walworth Neighbourhood Food Model

A long term vision for the neighbourhood and its food system

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What is a Neighbourhood Food Model?

Transforming the food system is necessary and urgent for the health of people and the planet. We want to discover: how can our neighbourhood play a greater role in transforming its own food system? How can we create opportunities for people to come together and build new collaborations and partnerships around food? How can we increase community governance of local assets, create new community-led enterprises, and better-paid food jobs? The Neighborhood Food Model is made up of: A set of projects & partnerships to test interventions and understand the best ways to accelerate change & the infrastructure to support learning & collaboration. ---------- We aim to think big, act now, and learn as we grow. We believe in the value of working In Person, In Place.

Our Journey so far

We have put together a slide deck to elaborate our journey, impact and aspirations. Follow the link below to find out more.

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Programme Infrastructure

To help achieve our goals and work collaboratively, we have set up the following infrastructure to share our learning process, as well as identify and discuss shared challenges and opportunities.

WNFM Action Learning Group

Local food projects and enterprises to come together to address shared challenges and opportunities for collaboration.


Neighbourhood Food Tours

A fun, interactive and informative experience to learn about the local food system and be inspired by stories of local food heroes.


Resources & Outputs

Online platform to share resources and our operational plans.



Dedicated workshops around building a Neighbourhood Food Model


Projects & Partnerships

The WNFM aims to set up pilot projects to test tangible intervention areas and understand the best ways to accelerate change. To achieve this, we work collaboratively with local organisations and initiatives to develop experimental interventions.

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